Athena Solutions Group

Athena Solutions Group, LLC provides lobbying, strategy and business development consulting services to businesses facing strategic, operational or regulatory barriers to success.

Business development begins with a fundamental understanding of organizational operations and how issues integrate into relevant sectors. Athena Solutions Group’s philosophy applies a methodical approach to development and strategy:

Listen Closely – Think Strategically – Act Tactically – Achieve Results

Athena Solutions Group applies an in-depth and knowledge-based approach to business development strategy, and specializes in guiding businesses toward best practices in strategic planning, execution, operations and monitoring across divergent and evolving environments. With specific expertise in legislative and regulatory process and a keen ability to achieve desired outcomes, Athena Solution Group offers a breadth of cross-industry experience to its clients.

The leadership team at Athena Solutions Group believes in presenting businesses with choices, not a single direction. By offering multiple opportunities and options to clients, Athena Solutions Group provides choices that result in real value for clients.

Contact Athena Solutions Group:

1080 Main Street | Pawtucket, R.I. 02860
401-528-3055 |


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